Manuel had a busy day planned the day he was arrested. He was investigating the story of Asael Duarte, a student in Southaven Middle School who had be threatened with deportation by one of the school’s officials.

Here is Memphis Noticias’ (Manuel’s) calendar for April 3 and a summary of the events surrounding the day he was arrested.

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Tuesday, April 3


12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (Southaven Middle School)

Gather footage for story on Asael Duarte, the boy who was threatened by a school officer with deportation.

2:00 pm - 2:45 pm (Shelby County Criminal Justice Center)

Rolling Block Party demonstration at 201 Poplar

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm (Mason Temple: Church of God in Christ)

I AM 2018: Mountain Top’ Commemoration Event

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Manuel’s last steps before his arrest on April 3.

Thursday, March 29

11:56 AM

Manuel received a message from a woman who’s son had been threatened with deportation by a school official at Southaven Middle School.

I’m worried because I have a son in Southaven Middle School. my son was in class and he was asked to raise his hand to speak, but since he did not, he was taken to the office. The officer at the school’s office told him that if he misbehaved one more time, he was going to deport him. My son was born here. I’m worried because that is the same school where a child killed himself because of bullying.
She is referring to the story of Andrew Leach: 6th Grade Southaven Student Kills Himself After Being Bullied

Monday, April 2

6:33 PM

Interview with Paloma Gallegos (Asael’s mother), Yulisa (Asael’s sister) and Asael Duarte (Spanish).

Tuesday, April 3

11:59 AM

Manuel leaves the house to gather footage for the story on Southaven Middle School. Manuel was following the story of Asael Duarte, a child who had been threatened with deportation by a school’s officer.

2:00 PM

Manuel arrives at 201 Poplar to cover “Rolling Block Party”, a demonstration protesting the private prison’s multibillion dollar industry.

Photo credit: Comunidades Unidas en Una Voz (Facebook)
2:24 PM

Manuel starts broadcasting live from the demonstration site at 201 Poplar.

2:40 PM (approximately)

Manuel is arrested by the Memphis Police Department

Photo credit: Andrea Morales (Facebook)

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