To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regard to Manuel Duran. I have known Mr. Duran for the past 10 years. He was an active member of our church and played as a musician in our worship band. He was heavily involved in our singles youth ministry and would participate and serve in every opportunity that was presented to him.

Manuel Duran also worked closely with me in a radio station, of which I was the owner. He was one of our most popular DJ’s and was not only liked and respected by his colleagues but was also very popular within the listening audience. He has a charismatic personality, gives 100% to every project he is involved in and not only has a wealth of knowledge and information but has a desire to share it with others. One of the things that people loved about Manuel was that he was always informing them of issues that affected our community.

Since the time that I have known Manuel to present day, I have seen his growth and his desire to do more within our community. He has really grown as a reporter and has dedicated his life’s work to keeping the Latino community in Memphis informed and abreast of all topics that affect them. He is always seeking opportunities to serve the people and is respected by all who know him. He has always demonstrated values and a character of being responsible, honorable, honest, and loyal. He is a hard worker and a voice for our community. He is known for being fair and committed to all endeavors he takes up.

We thank you for taking this information into consideration. If you have any questions, in regards to this letter.


Greg A. Diaz,
Senior Pastor


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