To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Dorimar Ferrer, I um the director of Cazateatro Bilingual Theater Group. Since I arrived in Memphis, I got to know Manuel Duran’s work when he worked at Radio Ambiente. I always listened to his programs and besides that I always listened to very good things about him in the community. Later I had the opportunity to meet him personally at a community event and since then I can say he is a friend.

How he started as a reporter for Memphis News seemed like a brilliant job. His way of sharing everything that happens in Memphis in a clear and precise way is something that the hispanic community in Memphis needed.

As director of Cazateatro, we depend on the support of the community to move forward. Manuel has always been there to support us at all times. Every time we have needed a volunteer for an event in the community Manuel has always been willing.

If I had to describe Manuel, I would describe him as a fighting man, honest, loyal, sincere, and compassionate. No matter who needs it he is always willing to help.

Manuel has been offering a communication job that the latino community of Memphis so badly needs and does not exist. If Manuel is deported I think it would be a great loss for the Memphis community. Personally, I would be losing a friend, partner, and collaborator of my organization. But the Memphis community would lose a person who has been a communicator between the city of Memphis and the Hispanic Community.


Dorimar Ferrer

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