La corte detiene temporalmente la deportación de Manuel

Temporary stay of removal granted for Manuel

The court has issued a temporary stay of removal for Manuel to give themselves time to fully consider the full motion for a stay. “We are encouraged that the Eleventh Circuit has postponed action on Manuel’s removal for two weeks and that it is considering our...
Board of Immigration Appeals Decision

Board of Immigration Appeals Decision

The Board of Immigration Appeals decided to not reopen Manuel’s asylum case. Manuel’s attorneys with Southern Poverty Law Center have submitted a petition for review and they have applied for a stay of removal before the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. The...
Board of Immigration Appeals Decision

180-Day Custody Review

Manuel has been under ICE custody for 6 months and it is now time for his 180-day custody review, which will be conducted by either the ICE Field Officer Director or ICE Headquarters. The agency will be using the same criteria as the 90-day custody review. Why is...

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