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Manuel Duran is a Memphis Latino journalist from El Salvador that has been working in radio and reporting the news in Spanish in the city of Memphis, TN for more than 10 years.

On April 3, 2018, Manuel was arrested by the Memphis Police while doing his journalistic work. He was singled out from the pool of reporters and arrested under false charges that were later dropped.


Donations will be used to help Manuel’s family pay for his bond, legal expenses, and other financial burdens his family faces as a result of this ordeal.

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The day Manuel was arrested

On April 3, Manuel was doing his job broadcasting live at a peaceful demonstration held by several community organizations in front of the Shelby County Criminal Justice Center when he was singled out from a pool of journalist and arrested by Memphis Police.

Manuel was wearing his bright yellow press identification and was one of several journalists reporting on this action.

“ICE is targeting people who speak against them. We see cases from all over the country where activists are being arrested.” – Jeremy Jong, SPLC

We need your help to fight this injustice.

Although the charges would be later dropped entirely, the Shelby County Sheriff’s office decided to hold Manuel for two days and hand him over to immigration authorities once his case was dismissed. He is currently being held at LaSalle Detention Facility, a private immigration detention facility owned by the GEO Group in Jena, Louisiana.

Journalists doing their job should never be targeted by law enforcement.

Manuel’s family, along with several local and national organizations, are working to bring Manuel home where he can continue to serve his community.

Manuel’s Legal Defense Team

Manuel is being represented by Latino Memphis and the Southern Poverty Law Center.


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