Tell ICE to let Manuel come back home!

Manuel was recently granted a stay of departure which means that his deportation is on hold until his hearing. In the meantime, the immigration authorities have the option to release Manuel while he awaits his hearing (which could be months away).

Since Manuel is not a threat to anyone and has a tremendous amount of support from friends and family, we are petitioning to ask for his release to be expedited so that Manuel can be with his family, and continue serving his community.


How will donations be used?

Donations will be used to help Manuel’s family pay for bonds, legal expenses, travel, lodging and other financial burdens that result from this ordeal. Any remaining funds will be donated to help other immigrants who are facing possible deportation.

Community Support

Manuel’s Family, along with several local and national organizations, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, are working to bring Manuel home where he can continue to serve his community.

Free Press is running a campaign calling on the press-freedom community, and their our members, to stand with Manuel Duran and demand that ICE release him immediately.

You can help Manuel by sending a message to demand that I.C.E. release him immediately, or by making a donation to help his family with legal expenses, travel and lodging expenses, and other financial burdens resulting from this ordeal.

Partner Organizations

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